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Practice regular drills.

Fire Drills

Tornado Drills


Safety Tips

Never take shortcuts when it comes to safety.

Always wear Gloves when Cleaning


Smoking is for outside in the designated areas.

Smoking is hazardous to your health.  But if you choose to smoke, you aren't allowed to smoke indoors because it is a threat to the health of people who choose not to smoke.  Let someone know if you would like help to stop smoking.



and Drive

  • Driving while texting causes 1.6 million car accidents in the US every year.

  • 20% of US drivers reported sending emails or text messages while on the road.

  • 25% of all car crashes in the US involved the use of a cell phone.

Always wear your safety belt when riding in a car.

Hand sanitizer is a quick fix but should not be over used. ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS!

Always report hazardous conditions or dangerous situations immediately to staff.

Be aware of your surroundings and be mindful of what is going on around you.

Use the Handrails when using

the Stairs

and the Ramp

Whether you're at home or at the day program, make sure you report any hazards or dangers to staff whenever you see them!

Don't take risks when it comes to safety!

Always pay attention to signs and labels on cleaning bottles.

Safety Tip:  Always walk while in the building. 

Never run!

If you're not sure about the right and safe way to do something,


Safety Tip:  Always obey safety signs, stickers and tags.

Safety Tip:  Never touch electrical switches, outlets, or plugs with

WET hands.

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