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Morgan Support Services
Core Values

Our core values are how we define what is important to us as an agency. They are the essence of our company’s identity.  You can tell what our values are by how we treat each other, the folks we support, and our community partners.  These are the six Morgan Support Services Core Values:

Empowerment – It is our goal to provide an environment in which people we support can find their voice and express their preferences. Our services are structured to maximize the inclusion of input from the people we support as well as those we employee.
Community – In addition to providing a safe learning environment within our facilities, we provide services that support folks in exploring and integrating into their communities. Helping folks to know what’s out there and find those activities and events that appeal to them, identifying barriers to participation, preparing people in overcoming those barriers, and supporting ongoing meaningful involvement in community activities is a primary goal of the agency.
Partnership – There is no part of what we do that cannot be open to participation from the folks we support. From the arrangement, maintaining, and appointment of the physical environment and assets of the agency to the hiring and training of staff; from the determination of individual short term goals and the development and implementation of programming initiatives – people we support are invited and encouraged to provide input, feedback, and effort into everything we do as an agency.
Integrity – MSS strives to provide high quality services that meet and exceed basic requirements of all oversight agencies. MSS strives to produce documentation that reflects the commitment to integrity in everything we do. MSS understands that “walking the talk” is an important facet of building trust and maintaining professionalism.
Commitment – It has been said that people don’t do this kind of work for the income, they do it for the outcome. A commitment to providing professional, meaningful, responsive services to the folks who choose us as their service provider is the primary force that allows the agency to continue to do the work that it does. Maintaining therapeutic relationships, displaying a positive work ethic, and internalizing the agency’s mission statement are crucial aspects to embodying commitment. Seeing the results of that commitment is what makes this work worthwhile.
Quality – Every aspect of what we do can come under the microscope at any time, but that isn’t the main reason that MSS has made a commitment to provide high quality services that meet and exceed the basic requirements of all oversight agencies. Quality is a direct result of the efforts we put forth to meet and exceed those expectations. We owe it to ourselves to trade our valuable time for a job well done. We owe the community of taxpayers who fund our services to use those funds wisely and to the best benefit of the folks we support. We owe it to those who have entrusted us with their services and the services of their loved ones to be ever vigilant in recognizing how we can use our resources to continually raise the bar in the provision of services for people in our communities living with behavioral health diagnoses and/or developmental disabilities.

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