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What makes for a delicious Health and Safety Program?

The Bun:  The bun stands for the H&S Plan that the agency develops and follows to make sure everything is going to be done in a healthy and safe way.


The Tomato:  The tomato stands for those things the agency needs to keep on hand to make sure we can stay safe and, if something happens, we can take care of it right away.

The Cheese:  The cheese stands for the training that everyone gets to make sure everyone understands the best way to stay healthy and safe.

The Meat:  The meat of a good H&S Program is making sure that everyone follows the H&S Rules at all times to reduce accidents, injuries, and illness.

The Lettuce:  The lettuce stands for when the we look at what has gone right and what has gone wrong and figure out how to make everything even better for the future.

There's a Bun on the Top and a Bun on the Bottom.  That's because the H&S Plan is both the Beginning and the End of a tasty H&S Program.  We write the plan, and then we go back to see if the plan is working out the way we meant for it to work.  We make changes in the recipe as needed based on everything that's happened in between.

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