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What does Integrity mean to Our Staff?

Integrity means to me I show up to work everyday and care for the people we support and respect and honest dependable to the people we support and to my [peers] and to do your job to the best of my ability. 

Integrity means to me is giving the best service I can give to the person we support 


Doing the right thing when people are watching and when they are not

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. How it's related to work? Working with integrity means you are working to the best of your ability, doing everything possible to do your job to the fullest. You see something wrong fix it, you do what needs to be done, or the right thing as it needs to be done. 

showing up for work on time and doing your job to the best of your ability and respecting your coworkers and staff.

Integrity to me means exactly what I try to display daily not just at work but in every day life.  I plan things with some of our people and I carry it through no matter what it is they know what to expect from me. They also once I tell them anything they believe what I'm saying because I've showed them time after time my integrity.

Strong moral principles, moral uprightness, (honesty)

Having integrity to me means being consistently reliable at work.  I also demonstrate integrity at work by communicating honestly with your co-workers and having good character even when there is pressure to compromise. 

To me integrity means that a person is doing the right thing even when no one's looking. They still do their part to the best of their abilities despite outside influences. They know that sometimes you're required to do a little more than their peers to achieve the goal.

Standing for something, doing things with a purpose

Integrity to me means protecting individuals privacy. Being trustworthy. 

Integrity means you are accountable and honest in your daily endeavors. I practice integrity by assisting my person I support with activities and things she enjoy doing. I document according to the MSS standards of integrity and I stand up for her needs within the program.

Integrity to me would be using all knowledge that I have gained through training to fulfill my job requirements plus some. It can be demonstrated by how you interact with the person you support and making sure that they have the best day possible.

It means it is what is expected of you and you are committed to your job


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