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Stick Your Neck Out
Denise Brann Young
Random Act of Kindness Week
November 9 - 16, 2022

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In honor of DENISE BRANN YOUNG, Stick Your Neck Out Random Act of Kindness Week is a time for you to reach out to perform a random acts of kindness to someone in need of a lift, physically, emotionally, or socially.  Denise's work with Morgan Support Services was just one of several positions she held with different agencies in support of people with challenges.  Let's honor her memory through this project.

What will you do this week to honor Denise?  Help someone carry a heavy load?  Find out if someone needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to?  Invite someone to join your group in having fun?

You also could donate to a CAUSE that was near and dear to Denise's heart or one that is near and dear to your own.

Whatever you do, be sure to record it HERE.  On November 16th, Denise's birthday, these deeds will be read aloud at Morgan Support Services' 500 Spring Garden location.  You also may use that link to share memories you have about Denise or anything you'd like to share about the kind of person she was and the impact she made on your life and others.

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